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  Top 10 Travel Tips for Myrtle Beach


Don't let a sunburn ruin your family trip while in Myrtle Beach S.C. Always use sunscreen with a high SPF. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes prior to exposure to the sun, Remember to reapply after swimming, physical activity, or prolonged time in the sun; For extra protection bring an umbrella to shade you, wear a hat and swimsuit cover-up or a t-shirt for added protection.
Try to avoid the strong mid-day Carolina sun.


Lifeguards are on duty along Myrtle beach and the grand strand beaches during the summer months .For inexperienced swimmers or families with younger children make sure the beach area they visit is patrolled by a lifeguard.


Try to leave your valuables at home. If for some reason you need to bring valuables with you, do not leave them visible and in your car, hotel room, or any other public accessible places. Under a blanket is not a safe place to keep money, room keys or valuables.  


Credit cards are a wise choice for purchases along with travellers checks in
U.S. currency as they are widely accepted in the Myrtle Beach area.
Try to avoid bringing lots of cash with you as cash is not replaceable.
ATM's are widely assessable in the Myrtle Beach Area.
Foreign currency can also be exchanged at most commercial banks. (make sure you bring proper I'D with you.)


Always keep medical information, your personal identification and health insurance cards with you at all times while on your vacation. It's also a good idea to have information written down of a family or friend that can be contacted in case of an emergency.


Try to limit your driving during rush hours or in unpleasant weather.


The Myrtle beach area has great restaurants!! Take advantage of early bird deals. Also golf courses tend to have lower rates during the summer vacation season.


Before heading out for your family vacation to Myrtle Beach, familiarize yourself with state and local laws and obey them.


Be respectful of other vacationers


Don't forget your camera. Relax, Enjoy and have a great time!!   

Tips for Safe Swimming

- Swim sober
- Be weary of the strong waves and under current
- Watch your children closely and make sure they don't go far out in the water
- Look for local beach safety signs and warnings, obey all beach rules
- Swim in areas with a lifeguard
- Swim with a friend or family member
- Don't fight the current
- Don't go too far out in the ocean
- Don't dive into the surf 
- Put a leash on your boogie and surfboard
- Ask a Lifeguard to inform you on current ocean water conditions


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